If you ask three people what they think DevOps is, you’ll get three answers: “a way of running an IT department”, “a culture”, “something to do with Phoenix”. Ask a fourth person and you might hear “You can use OpenShift for that”.

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To see what DevOps has to do with the world’s favourite PaaS, I went along to the “OpenShift By Red Hat: The PaaS for DevOps” technical deep dive in Brisbane that was given as part of a road show in Australia and New Zealand in July and August 2014.

The session was held at Brisbane’s Treasury Hotel, an early 19th century building with an Edwardian-Baroque exterior and the type of pre-air conditioning climate control features that play havoc on wireless signals (thick walls). There were about 50 people there, with an approximate average age somewhere between late 30s and 40s. About 8 in the crowd were Red Hatters in support our very own Katie Miller, who literally wrote the book on OpenShift. Of those 50ish people, five were in DevOps environments and an additional five were experienced with PaaS.

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