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As we're in the season for covering our arms and faces with sunscreen, here's another ARM for your attention.

Last month, Red Hat announced the launch of the Red Hat ARM Partner Early Access Program to enhance partner collaboration and facilitate partner-initiated system designsbased on the 64-bit capable ARMv8-A architecturethat include Red Hat software.

The program is aimed at silicon vendors, independent hardware vendors (IHVs), original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and original design manufacturers (ODMs), and launches with participation and support from several ARM ecosystem leaders, including: AMD, American Megatrends, Inc., AppliedMicro, ARM, Broadcom, Cavium, Dell, HP and Linaro. Learn more about the Red Hat ARM Partner Early Access Program.

Some additional and informative Red Hat ARM articles:

Oh, Red Hat loves Docker and containers, too. See the many Docker articles in this edition.

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Featured Article - August 2014

How Red Hat's Inception DevOps team utilized Docker for the Release Engine, by Ryan Cook, Red Hat

Red Hat's Team Inception has been working on a release engine to automate RPM code deployments within Red Hat IT. On July 8, we passed a significant milestone by successfully using Release Engine in our QA environment. This was an incredible achievement that included a number of feature requests, defect fixes, and collaboration between multiple teams to produce an open source application to address growing needs internally in Red Hat IT. Since we're attempting to make waves internally, we decided to use a product currently making waves throughout the industrychoosing Docker. Read the entire blog post.

Read on for more Docker-related topics.

Recent News

Red Hat and Google collaborate on Kubernetes to manage Docker containers at scale

In June, Red Hat:

Google has also announced support for Docker in Google Compute Engine, enabling customers to easily deploy their Docker containers in the cloud.

In July, Red Hat announced that as part of Project Atomic, we are collaborating with Google to tackle the challenge of how to manage Docker containers at scale, across hundreds or thousands of hosts. Docker container orchestration and management is critical for Red Hat customers and products like Red Hat Enterprise Linux and OpenShift by Red Hat.

Today we are running hundreds of thousands of containerized applications in OpenShift Online and enabling customers to host their own containerized PaaS environment in OpenShift Enterprise. Read the entire press release.

JVM plus Docker: Better together, InfoWorld article by Paul Krill

An interesting article that bridges the popular and complementary JVM and Docker worlds. Red Hat's own Arun Gupta is quoted. Read the InfoWorld article.

Some recent blog articles

We have another great selection of must-read articles this month:

Securing Docker's FUTURE WITH SELINUX AND THE OPEN SOURCE WAY, by Diane Mueller, Red Hat

"With all [the Docker] momentum, comes a higher level of visibility and scrutiny. And in just a blink of the internets, the inevitable happened. The buzz went from Docker is going to Save the Planet headlines to the announcement of Docker's first security 'exploit' on HackerNews. The good news is that the community stepped up quickly to provide a fix and Docker 1.1 has been released already."

JBoss projects as Docker images, by Marek Goldmann, Red Hat

Marek Goldmann discusses that the desire to "have a nice collection of JBoss projects shipped as Docker images." Read his blog post, and visit the dedicated JBoss Docker site.

More Red Hat blogs and resources

If you're not aware of it, Red Hat has a developer blog: developers.redhat.com/blog/. Be sure to visit it often to get the latest technical scoop on all sorts of developer-related topics.

If you'd like to track more focused blogs, see these 2 popular ones for JBoss and OpenShift. In addition, there's JBoss Weekly to keep in touch with recent events related to the Red Hat JBoss Middleware portfolio.

Upcoming events and webinars

Find Red Hat and Red Hatters at these upcoming events:

Webinar Series: DevOps for your Java EE organization webinar series

The Red Hat JBoss team, with backing from the OpenShift by Red Hat team, are presenting a series of webinars focused on bringing DevOps practices to Java EE focused organizations. The first webinar was July 31, but you can view the recording. Sign up to discover how DevOps and Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform can accelerate your ability to bring features to the market.

JavaOne, Sept. 28, San Francisco, CA, USA

Red Hat is again sponsoring JavaOne, the world's largest Java conference. Be sure to visit the Red Hat booth and talk to our Java and JBoss experts.

JBoss One Day Talk, Sept. 29, Munich

The full day conference is organized and operated on behalf of the JBoss User Group Munich nonprofit association. This year's focus is on DevOps and cloud integration.

A listing of additional events is also available for JBoss and OpenShift.

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