I found this interesting Node.js article from The New Stack.  A handy piece for those of you considering Node and especially now that we now have it in both Software Collections and OpenShift.

"Why Node.js is an excellent and underutilized enterprise tool

"Node.js, after cutting its teeth for a few years in the open source space, then being used by large-scale startups like LinkedIn and Joyent, it is now heading for the enterprise. From scaling virtualized hyper visors to operating system level virtualization with hot new technologies like Docker, Node.js and the army of JavaScript coders are pushing forward with new offerings, products and projects that make enterprise adoption a no-brainer.

"Let’s dive into what makes Node.js such a great developer and server tool to bring in to the enterprise JavaScript.

"Amid all the popularity and skyrocketing success of Node.js (and JavaScript in general) today, there’s a largely unremarked reason for its success, a

rguably more important than the technical merit of its speed, simplicity or lack of any barrier to entry. It isn’t the lack of a central authoritarian corporate regime or owner, as in the case of Microsoft and .NET, or the mixed and branched authoritarian regime of Oracle and Java. It isn’t the central convention based effort of the Rails community to build a streamlined system for building web applications. At the core of the success surrounding Node.js is the community removing the aforementioned barriers of previous languages and stacks. This success has been and continues to be all about the people of the Node.js community.


Read the whole article here:  Node.js: An Enterprise Situation Report | The New Stack.

Last updated: November 2, 2023