For all of the tech people heading to Portland the week of July 21, there may be a weight shift in the cybersphere.  :)

Red Hat is a sponsor of OSCON again this year, plus for the new Open Cloud Day.  If you plan to attend, be sure to attend these Red Hat sessions.

Open Cloud Day - sponsored by Red Hat, Chef, Citrix & OpenStack

Monday, July 21, 2014 from 9:00am - 5:00pm

"The Open Cloud Day at OSCON is a look at the “state of cloud” in 2014, gathering industry practitioners to give their take on the state of public and private cloud, IaaS, and PaaS platforms, and where the industry is going in 2014 and beyond. Talks should be vendor-neutral, and straight to the point. Each speaker will have 30 minutes to connect with an audience of developers making the next generation of scale-out applications on software-defined infrastructure. Open Cloud Day sessions will take place on Monday, July 21, from 9:00am – 5:00pm. If you’re passionate about the open cloud, transforming the data center, and have a great story or best practice to share, we want to hear from you."  Red Hat speakers are:

Steven Pousty, PaaS Dust Spreader, Red Hat
Whether you have one or a million visitors accessing your web app, they are all going to demand a great user experience regardless of what it takes for you to deliver it. This invariably means quick page loads and fast response times every single time.I am about different ways to start scaling your application with the new "Cloud" technology.
Joe Brockmeier, Principal Cloud & Storage Analyst, Red Hat
For this presentation, we'll take a look at the current state of Docker containers, what they're useful for, and where it's going.

Special Open Cloud Day promotion - Feeling lucky?  Well do ya?  There's a raffle at the end of the day for a TAZ 3D printer 4.0 ( as well as a few other smaller prizes.

Red Hatter OSCON Sessions

Sunday, July 20

Brian Proffitt, Why Is Everyone Hating On Operating Systems? Ignite OSCON, 5:30-7:00 pm

Monday, July 21

Open Cloud Day - see above.

Tuesday, July 22

Arun Gupta, Forty New Features of Java EE 7 in 40 Minutes, 10:40am, room D136

Katie Miller,Coder Decoder: Functional Programmer Lingo Explained, with Pictures, 10:40am, room Portland 255

Arun Gupta, Devoxx4Kids: So Your Kid Interested in Programming, Robotics, Engineering?, 11:30am, room F151

Mark McLoughlin, Monty Taylor (HP), OpenStack :: Where Continuous Delivery and Distros Collide, 1:40pm, room F150

Ruth Suehle, Raspberry Pi Hacks, 1:40pm, room E147/148

Jason Hibbets, How Does Raleigh Use OpenSource, 2:30pm, room D137/138

Langdon White, Open Source Tools for the Polyglot Developer, 2:30pm, room D135

Wednesday, July 23

Karsten Wade, Open Community Infrastructure How-to, 10:40am, room E146

Diane Mueller & Alex Barreto, Application Deployment and Auto-scaling On OpenStack using Heat, 11:30am, room E146

Karsten Wade, Karanbir Singh, Johnny Huges, Jim Perrin, What is Happening at the CentOS Project?  5:00pm, room D137/138

Thursday, July 24

Steven Pousty, Leaflet, Node.JS, and MongoDB for an Easy and Fun Web Mapping Experience, 10:00am, room Portland 252