Red Hat's migration toolkit for applications 6.2 takes Java application modernization a step further with new integrations for Jira, migration waves management, and Red Hat OpenShift monitoring.

With these integrations, the migration toolkit for applications can now help organizations create a backlog of work directly on Jira so that your engineering teams can pick up tickets. The support for migration waves enables you to process the backlog in batches and then plan for the whole application modernization at once. You can also make migration waves available directly on Jira. 

Read on for a complete list of new features in the migration toolkit for applications 6.2, available with a Red Hat OpenShift subscription.

Jira integration

The integration of the migration toolkit for applications with Jira allows you to track and manage the whole migration process. To introduce changes to the applications in the portfolio, you can create issues in Jira and assign them to developers.

For more information, see Creating and configuring a Jira connection.

Migration waves management

A migration wave is a small collection of workloads that deliver business value. Migration waves group applications to be migrated on a specified schedule.

In addition, a migration wave enables you to export a list of the wave’s applications to the Jira issue management system. This automatically creates a separate Jira issue for each application of the migration wave for tracking.

For more information, see Creating migration waves and Creating Jira issues for a migration wave.

OpenShift monitoring integration

The migration toolkit for applications integrates with Red Hat OpenShift's monitoring. This allows users to consume metrics from their MTA installation.

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Last updated: September 20, 2023