The migration toolkit for applications from Red Hat equips developers with tools to assess, prioritize, and modernize Java applications across the hybrid cloud on Red Hat OpenShift. Version 6 of the toolkit is now generally available—and it's a major step up from the previous version, offering new capabilities to accelerate large-scale application modernization efforts. Read on to explore the new toolkit and see a demo.

Based on the open source Konveyor project, the migration toolkit for applications provides insights and alignment for project leads and migration teams as they move to Red Hat OpenShift for a single application or a portfolio of applications. These insights are a huge boost for developers and organizations looking to modernize and migrate from their legacy platforms to the cloud.

What's new in migration toolkit for applications

Version 6 of the migration toolkit includes the following tools for your app modernization:

  • New application inventory and assessment modules that assist organizations in managing, classifying, and tagging their applications while assessing application suitability for deployment in containers, including flagging potential risks for migration strategies.
  • Full integration with source code and binary repositories to automate the retrieval of applications for analysis along with proxy integration, including HTTP and HTTPS proxy configuration managed in the user interface.
  • Improved analysis capabilities with new analysis modes, including source and dependency modes that parse repositories to gather dependencies and add them to the overall scope of the analysis. There is also a simplified user experience to configure the analysis scope, including open source libraries.
  • Enhanced role-based access control (RBAC) powered by Red Hat's single sign-on technology, defining three new differentiated personas with different permissions to suit the needs of each user—administrator, architect, and migrator—including credentials management for multiple credential types.
  • An administrator perspective to provide tool-wide configuration management for administrators.

Included with a Red Hat OpenShift subscription, the migration toolkit for applications helps reduce complexity and risks to accelerate the modernization of your non-cloud-enabled applications. 

 Watch a demo

To see version 6 of the migration toolkit in action, check out the following demo.

Supported modernization paths

Wondering if Red Hat's migration toolkit for applications will support your modernization paths? Our team has compiled a list of the most commonly used migration paths, along with the most common use cases for the toolkit. See the migration toolkit for applications page for the full list of supported migration paths.

Get started with the migration toolkit on OpenShift

You can install the migration toolkit for applications on OpenShift 4.9+ with an Operator. See Get started with the migration toolkit for applications for instructions.

If you would like to try the command-line interface (CLI), there is also a download option available.


Last updated: September 20, 2023