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Just about every organization relies on cloud or application services as the industry moves into the era of digital transformation. Let's check out some of the best and most popular content that Red Hat Developer published on these topics in 2022.

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To make your Node.js applications secure, you need to address security best practices at every stage of development. This installment of the ongoing Node.js Reference Architecture series focuses on some of the key security elements that JavaScript developers should know about.

The Java runtime environment in your containers could stop receiving updates in the coming months. This article explains the decisions that led to this issue, and proposes a solution.

JBoss EAP is a popular open source application server from Red Hat. James Falkner describes how the Jakarta EE specifications have evolved since the release of JBoss EAP 7, and what you can look forward to with JBoss EAP 8.


Stephen Nimmo shows you how to build a basic application for exchanging financial information over the FIX protocol in a Java application using the QuickFIX/J engine. You'll use Quarkus for this purpose, which offers many conveniences.

Rate limiting is a popular way to protect services from excessive demand. You can use it to limit how often a user can enter or reset their password, for example. Ana-Maria Mihalceanu explains how to design a Java-based service that uses rate limiting to protect against excessive usage.

Building microservices? Do you struggle with observability and capturing telemetry data between distributed services? Eric Deandrea introduces OpenTelemetry, demonstrates how to quickly and easily introduce it into a distributed system built with Quarkus, and shows how to visualize interactions between all the microservices within an overall system.

The Java Operator SDK is an open source project that simplifies the process of creating Kubernetes Operators using Java. The project was started by Container Solutions and is now supported by Red Hat. Christophe Laprun presents a brief overview of what Operators are and why it could be interesting to create them in Java.

Apache Kafka

Bob Reselman offers an intro to Kafka basics that discusses message streams and topics, as well as producers and consumers. It also looks at how Kafka retains messages, and how you can retrieve past messages sent to a topic.

Apache Kafka performance is affected by many factors, including choices like the number of partitions and replicas you provision. Different applications have different requirements, but many prioritize latency over throughput. To help determine how to best balance these factors, Bilgin Ibryam introduces an approach to designing message flows using a model called the Kafka optimization theorem.

Applications process continuous streams of data, such as video, audio, and text. Working with streams adds new dimensions to application programming. Reselman shows you how to get a stream up and running under Amazon Kinesis, a service offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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