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Red Hat recently attended OpenJS World 2022, held on June 6-10 in Austin, TX. This OpenJS Foundation event, which after nearly two years was finally held in person again, brought together the JavaScript and Node.js ecosystems. The summit started with two days of excellent keynotes and talks, followed by two days of passionate discussions during the Collaborators Summit.

OpenJS World

The event provided content that appealed to a wide range of members of the JavaScript community. While all the talks had special moments, the team singled out a few that offered that little extra to make them particularly noteworthy.

One of the talks that captured Luke's imagination was "Debugging your way through a Node.js upgrade," delivered by Red Hat's Bethany Griggs. The talk was a great walkthrough of her experience upgrading a Node module through two major Node.js versions and the challenges along the way.

One of Michael's favorites was the keynote "Hedy: Creating a gradual programming language." Knowing how frustrating programming can be even when you've been doing it for years, Michael wonders whether, had this language been available when his kids were younger, he might have had more luck getting them interested in software development.

Beth particularly enjoyed the nostalgia-infused keynote from Lee Byron titled "We're gunna program like it's 1999," which reflected on past web concepts and how they still apply to the modern web frameworks we use today.

All the keynotes and talks featured at the conference can be found on the OpenJS Foundations YouTube channel, along with their accompanying slides.

Collaborators Summit

The Collaborators Summit is for maintainers or core contributors of OpenJS projects, plus any open source enthusiasts interested in participating. This is the time to take deep dives into important topics, and to meet with people working across your favorite JavaScript projects.

This year's topics ranged from discussing the next decade of Node.js to the future of the npm command-line interface. Check the schedule for the Collaborators Summit and the respective GitHub issues.

Red Hat involvement

As was the case at past conferences in the JavaScript space, Red Hat was again a proud sponsor of OpenJS World 2022, with a booth where attendees could get a look at our latest workflows for building cloud-native JavaScript solutions on Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift. Members of the Red Hat Node.js team were honored with the opportunity to deliver a number of talks. These included:

  • "Node.js: What's next" by Michael Dawson.
  • "Debugging your way through a Node.js upgrade" by Bethany Griggs.
  • "Embracing open source to beat the great reshuffle," a keynote by Joe Sepi, the program director of open tech at IBM.

Beth was also the recipient of the "Unsung Hero" award for her hard work in and around Node.js.

Where to learn more

Read more about what Red Hat is up to on the Node.js front:

Last updated: February 11, 2024