Red Hat Application Runtimes Portfolio

Accelerate your cloud-native application development and delivery with a set of best-in-class integrated products, tools and components.

App Runtimes Product List

The Red Hat Application Runtimes portfolio provides runtimes, frameworks, fast data access, and high-performance messaging.




Red Hat OpenShift Application Runtimes

A collection of runtimes and frameworks, designed to run on OpenShift, that accelerates the development and delivery of applications. The collection includes support for OpenJDK, Vert.x, Thorntail, Node.js, and Spring Boot.

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Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform

Modular, cloud-ready Java EE 8 platform with APIs and development frameworks for quickly developing secure and scalable Java EE applications.

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Red Hat Data Grid

In-memory data store and elastic scalability to access, process, and analyze large volumes of transactional data.

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Red Hat AMQ (Broker)

A pure-Java multiprotocol message broker that offers specialized queueing behaviors, message persistence, and manageability.

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Launcher Service

The launcher service allows you to develop and deploy new applications in minutes by creating the application scaffolding so you can focus on writing business logic.

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Authentication (SSO)

Enables developers to secure web applications by providing web single sign-on capabilities based on popular standards.

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