A cohesive and unified set of capabilities engineered to work together to automate, integrate, and accelerate the creation of cloud-native applications.

Current State

Traditional Application Environment

Enterprises are wrestling with complex IT environments to innovate quickly and reliably. Applications are disbursed across multiple infrastructures with varied architectures that utilize multiple tools, languages, and frameworks.


Modern Application Environment

Today's enterprises need a connected, nimble, and flexible application environment that provides a consistent developer experience, supports hybrid-cloud/multi-cloud, engineered to work together, supports existing and new apps, and supports agile development.


Create the connected, nimble and flexible application environment you need, now and for the future.

Anatomy of an Application Environment

The Hybrid-cloud Application Environment provides a unified application development portfolio and developer tooling optimized and integrated with Red Hat OpenShift.  This includes a diverse set of application runtimes and frameworks, a modern approach to enterprise-wide integration and core services for building intelligent, process-driven applications.




Manages the delivery aspect of application life-cycles in a uniform manner.


Provides execution environments to develop new or update existing applications.


Connect custom and purchased apps and SaaS assets through messaging, integration, and APIs.


Optimizes and automates application processes and integrates the human component into software processes.

Developer Tools

Build applications using pre-built templates and containers while enabling efficient code sharing and joint development.

Key Benefits



Capabilities engineered together to simplify app development and delivery



Operational reliability by battle-tested offerings based on upstream open source project



Unmatched access to established & emerging best-of-breed technologies


Hybrid Cloud Ready

Optimized capabilities developed & tested for hybrid/multi-cloud deployments

Modern Application Environment with Red Hat

Red Hat Middleware is a unified application development, delivery, integration, and automation environment with capabilities that have been engineered together to cost-effectively develop, deploy and run hybrid and multi-cloud business applications at scale, supporting both IT and business leadership needs.



Red Hat Application Runtimes

A recommended set of products, tools, and components to develop and maintain cloud-native applications. It includes lightweight runtimes and frameworks, distributed, in-memory data caching, single sign-on, and message broker.

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Red Hat Integration

A comprehensive set of integration and messaging products that provide API connectivity, data transformation, service composition and orchestration, real-time messaging, message streaming, and API management.

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Red Hat Process Automation

Automate business decisions and processes to capture and enforce business policies and procedures, automate business operations, and measure results of business activities across heterogeneous environments.

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Red Hat OpenShift

A container application platform that lets you easily and quickly build, develop, and deploy in nearly any infrastructure, public or private.

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Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces

Build applications using pre-built templates and containers while enabling efficient code sharing and joint development.

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