Red Hat Developer Program

MongoDB and modern agile development

Dwight Merriman, CEO and co-founder of 10gen, discusses the continuing growth of platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and cloud technologies that led to the creation of MongoDB. MongoDB is an open source SQL database (non-relational)--a resource that scales horizontally on clusters of commodity hardware. MongoDB makes writing software apps easier and faster through cloud computing and resultant changes in database technologies. MongoDB is a better fit for open source (iterative) software development. It lends scalability and agility to the development process. OpenShift and PaaS give developers a full stack that can be used to develop and deploy apps without hardware or IT overhead. 10gen's MongoDB is a layer in that stack. This short video supports a talk that Red Hat CTO Brian Stevens gave at the 2012 Red Hat Summit. You can view this talk in full: Watch more 2012 Red Hat Summit videos: