Red Hat Developer
November 9, 2023

Simplifying containers and Kubernetes on your laptop with Podman Desktop | DevNation Tech Talk

Kubernetes has skyrocketed to the top as the premier platform for managing containers at scale. But, let’s face it, diving into the world of Kubernetes as a developer can be intimidating, especially for those just starting their containerization journey. Local development environments tend to lack consistency with target Kubernetes environments, causing challenges in deploying and debugging your applications in production. How can you minimize this inconsistency as a developer and smoothly transition your application from your development desktop into production? 

Podman Desktop is the answer.

Podman Desktop is a powerful, cross-platform, and open source graphical tool that simplifies container development workflows. Compatible with multiple runtimes (Podman, Docker, and others), it offers a user-friendly way to start with containers and smoothly transition to Kubernetes. It’s your new stepping stone to Kubernetes.