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Project Shipwright and the future of Red Hat OpenShift builds

June 14, 2021

Learn about Project Shipwright, a framework for building container images on Kubernetes, and explore the future of builds in Red Hat OpenShift. 

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Create and manage Red Hat Data Grid services in the hybrid cloud

June 8, 2021

The developer team behind the 2021 Red Hat Summit keynote demonstrates how they used the Red Hat Data Grid Operator to create a global Data Grid cluster, which appeared as a single service to online gamers accessing scores on a hybrid cloud platform.


DevNation Deep Dive: Argo CD

June 3, 2021

Learn the basics of Argo CD, the continuous delivery tool for Kubernetes, and explore GitOps in this DevNation Deep Dive session.

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Develop with GitOps

June 1, 2021

Use GitOps and OpenShift Pipelines to implement Kubernetes-native CI/CD, automate and manage app deployment.

4 lessons | 120 minutes