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The Red Hat build of Apache Camel

Agile, distributed, containerized, and API-centric solution to integrate applications by transforming data, composing and orchestrating services across hybrid infrastructures.

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Which Camel DSL should you use?

Bruno Meseguer

This article explains the benefits of domain-specific languages and compares Camel's Java, XML, and YAML DSLs to help you choose the right one for your team.

Developer Sandbox

6 tutorials for modern app development

Jaya Christina Baskaran

Explore hands-on tutorials for developers who want to learn about application and API connectivity, data transformation, real-time messaging, and data streaming.

Camel Design Patterns

Short Retry vs Long Retry in Apache Camel

Bilgin Ibryam

My Camel Design Patterns book describes 20 patterns and numerous tips and best practices for designing Apache Camel based integration solutions. Each pattern is based on a real world use case and provides Camel specific implementation details and best practices. To get a feel of the book below is an extract from the Retry Pattern section describing how to do Short and Long retires in Apache Camel. Context and Problem By their very nature, integration applications have to interact with...