Open Source is Everywhere

“OPEN SOURCE”- it’s FREE! This is what comes first to mind when someone asks us about our knowledge of Open Source. It was the case with us until someone told us about what exactly Open Source is and its importance in the present IT sector. Today we definitely stand apart from not only our classmates but also from those who believe that open source is just what you do to pass the time and because it's OPEN SOURCE.

So, it is not just, what you get for free it’s something more. We realized this when our college had instituted a Red Hat Academy; we got a chance to participate through enrolling for the certifications. We started learning its behavior by practically implementing it and were recommended to think daily about how we can bring this work in our daily course.

Every day a new concept would pop up and every day, we used it to think about how can we make this a part of our daily academics. The trainer would cover key points and provide us with ideas that would make us think more about the application of the material. Then we got a chance on our mega projects to apply what we had just learned.

Working with an Open Source project made it easy for us to stand out from the crowd, we would introduce it at any project competition with which we participated in. It not only became our backbone but also is the only path we feel where we can find our careers today. Especially me, I am a big fan of all the people out there who are promoting Open Source and contribute to it as well.

Today we proudly write in our CV’s about the work we are doing in Open Source, the magic it brings when it comes to learning different concepts taught through the Red Hat Certified Engineer Program (RHCE) and some amazing and interesting concepts in OpenStack. We feel that our journey has started and we are encouraged greatly in part because of having the experience of working with OPEN SOURCE. I would especially like to thank our trainers, who not only helped us think in that way but also molded and guided us into contributing more to this community. Thanks to Unnati Development and Training Center Pvt. Ltd., for providing such experienced trainers and I would also like to thank the Red Hat Academy, which helped us gain such a momentum in our engineering life.

So, we came up with an idea of celebrating Open Source Days at our college; we felt this would be a good way to give back to the software developing community the real meaning of Open Source. There we conducted a one-day workshop with pure practical sessions teaching the basics of Open Source OS. Open Source also helped us to connect to different people around us through the regional meetups where different concepts are discussed allowing us to interact with many amazing people who did not have the opportunity to share their experiences and views before.

#We promote Open Source.

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Last updated: April 26, 2017