Red Hat Certified Engineer - what a big name. This certification made us feel confident that we can excel in the field of Open Source irrespective of what we are at present, which is either a student or an employee working in a multinational company. It was the end of our vacation of the third year and the start of another era called the final year. But this era would not be easy as that spent in the last three years, as there will be different obstacles moving forward.

One such obstacle was the B. Tech Project selection, I was determined of doing something in the world of Open Source, and so were the other students, but could not figure out from where to start and what filters to add. After researching for half a month, we felt helpless, as we could not find a way for us to step into the field of our interest. Then suddenly one day our trainer and academy coordinator came up with the idea of sponsor projects from one the best leading companies in Open Source - Red Hat, Inc.

Thus, we felt this could be our opportunity to explore more about how the projects and work are taking place in the market within this field. We felt proud that we few students got this chance to work on a sponsored project. Thanks to Red Hat and Rajarambapu Institute of Technology, Rajaramnagar, Maharashtra, India, and Unnati Development and Traning Center Pvt. Ltd., for believing in us and bringing us such an opportunity. I would also like to thank our professor Mr. Shivananda Poojara for the support and trust he has placed in us.

Today we stand apart from all the regular projects because our project includes Open Source. It's an amazing feeling when we receive such a response from someone who is part of the Open Source community. We feel inspired and hope we provide a little of that inspiration and optimism to those around us. Thanks to Red Hat Academy, for allowing us to take these opportunities.

#We promote Open Source.

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Last updated: April 13, 2017