Shadow Man on Our campus

Engineering is the platform where after the tenure of a four-year term we look back, feel proud about some of our own decisions, and regret others as well. Such as the following case at our college when first-time industry professionals met with one of the most experienced trainers of Red Hat, at our campus, spreading the word of Open Source.

It was, as usual, a regular lecture day where we finished our lectures and suddenly were asked to assemble in the conference hall for the program. The person introduced himself as working in HR at Red Hat and since we were unaware of the name, we started to lose interest as the sessions felt boring to us.

We thought that after a half an hour of speech it would end but then the trainer began speaking about the Red Hat certifications and their benefits. Thinking that this was not meant for us we began to leave the arena immediately without looking towards anyone, except the whole crowd was staring at us, probably wanting to do the same as what we did.

The session ended and I thought about what the trainer suggested and I heard the words OpenSource and Linux and heard that they are willing to provide certification within the campus.

After researching and learning about what exactly these terminologies are and investing time on knowing their market value, I was the first person to enroll for the course and today after being certified in the same field I feel proud about the decision which I took on that day. Thanks to the Red Hat Academy, which was set up at our college and through which we get a chance to attend and work for these global certifications and training.

Whether you are new to Linux or have experience, this cheat sheet can assist you when encountering tasks you haven’t done lately.

Last updated: April 4, 2017