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Today, we made the following products generally available:



Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio 10.1

The ever popular JBoss Developer Studio 10.1 has been updated with support for:

  • Eclipse Neon
  • Container labels
  • Docker Compose,
  • Automatically detect known Docker daemon connections
  • Docker image hierarchy view, and more.

Learn more about the new features in this 10.1 release or the major features added in JBoss Developer Studio 10.

Red Hat Container Development Kit (CDK) 2.2

Developing for containers?  Here are some new features to utilize with CDK 2.2

  • Proxy Connections Are Supported both for HTTP and HTTPS
  • Unified Vagrantfiles for All Hypervisors
  • Vagrant-sshfs Plugin Is Now Used by Default JBoss Developer Studio
  • Vagrant-service-manager Plugin Can Install Client Binaries for OpenShift, Docker, and Kubernetes

Learn more about the new features in this release.

Red Hat Development Suite 1.1

  • The installer now provides simple uninstaller in the form of a Powershell script
  • Includes a lightweight (only 40Mb) online installer

Learn more about the new features in this release.



If you've not already joined the Red Hat Developer Program, the above items are no-cost tools you can download and use for development purposes.  Joining the program is free, too.



Last updated: November 9, 2023