In this video, we talk through two exciting new features to the Red Hat Mobile Application Platform (RHMAP):

  • Data Sources for Forms - (New in RHMAP 3.9)
    Bring field values for dropdown, radio and checkbox fields in your forms from external APIs using Data Sources.
  • Mobile API Mapper - (New in RHMAP 3.7)
    Modify and transform the response from an API using the API mapper. Discard, rename or transform fields using the UI tool, or in code.

First, we'll use the API Mapper to build an integration with the GitHub Contributors API for an open source repository. You'll see how to:

  • Integrate with an API using the API Mapper
  • Add headers to the saved request
  • Rename fields in an API response
  • Remove unnecessary fields in an API response
  • Mount the API on a new path

We'll then create our new Data Source, making use of our new API Mapper integration, thus exposing our data to a Drag & Drop App.

Lastly, we'll use Drag & Drop Apps to build a Contributor Feedback Form. This form will contain a paragraph field and a dropdown which has its values dynamically populated from our new Data Source.

You can learn about setting up an API Mapper service on your RHMAP instance by reading the Getting Started Guide.

You can learn more about Data Sources by reading our guide on Using Data Sources.

@cianclarke is a Software Engineer with Red Hat Mobile. Primarily focused on the mobile-backend-as-a-service space, Cian is responsible for many of Red Hat’s mBaaS developer features.

Last updated: September 19, 2023