In order to develop offerings that really help developers get their jobs done, Red Hat wants to learn more about the day-to-day work experiences of developers like you. We're interested in understanding more about your personal work environment and habits, and the processes by which your current project work becomes a reality for your end users and customers.

What will we do with what we discover?

The more we understand about your work experiences, the better we can make our developer-focused products and offerings (like this blog) suit your needs.  The Red Hat product design team in particular takes this sort of input into consideration when designing product UIs and websites.

We'll also share what we learn from this survey so that anyone who creates products or services for developers can get some insight into real-world scenarios. Check back here in a few weeks for a summary of the results so you can read about your peers' experiences.

The fine print

The survey should take 5-10 minutes to complete, and will close Monday, February 8.  Your responses are anonymous and we will not collect your personal information. The results summary will be anonymized so individual situations and companies are not discernible.

Thanks in advance for your participation, we truly appreciate your feedback.  Please share this survey with developers you work with -- the more the merrier!

Take the survey now: