Our Red Hat Developers program team has just concluded a "Time to Hello World" project to reduce the time it takes you to download and install a new technology, and then get to your first "hello world" application.  By utilizing multiple resources from Red Hat engineering, UX, evangelists, docs, testing, and yes, even customers, this is just one of many Red Hat activities underway to minimize speed bumps when trying a new Red Hat technology.

So, is 6 minutes quick enough to try out a new technology?  If so, read on.

Let us say, for example, that you're an app developer on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and you need to start moving some of your Python 2.7 app to Python 3.4, but like everyone else, you don't have time to hunt around for the right versions, etc. With the new Time-to-Hello-World Get Started guides and Red Hat Software Collections which provide latest, stable versions of scripting languages, databases, web servers for your LAMP stack, it's just 6 minutes to find, install, and build your first "Hello Red Hat Developers World" (aren't we creative?) Python 3.4 application  - all for a Red Hat supported Python 3.4 stack that's also compatible with OpenShift and Red Hat containers.

Beyond the one example above, we've also refined this Time-to-Hello-World for dozens of Red Hat developer products and tools, and while not every tool can be setup in as little as 6 minutes, we hope you'll agree that these efficient getting started guides are the way to go. Here's a small sample of some others:

To explore the entire portfolio , go to https://developers.redhat.com/products, and select the "Get Started" button next to the product you want.


Last updated: November 9, 2023