A number of Red Hatters are attending this week's as one of the event sponsors, but we're also here to learn more about Node.js and listen to some great sessions.  Plus, I've met probably a dozen Red Hatters for the first time - most of whom are part of the Red Hat Mobile Application Platform team (formerly FeedHenry).  Another nice benefit for this event is that it's in Waterford, Ireland, and specifically at Waterford Castle (TRULY - this is NOT a boondoggle.)

One of the first things I have personally learned is how well suited Node is for creating microservices (link to your own favorite definition), and given what Red Hat is doing with Docker containers, I look forward to a lot of complementary work in this area.  The other big thing for me is learning about the node and IOJS merging w/ V4.0 which is expected soon.

Anyone attending will see our Mobile App Platform CTO, Mícheál Ó Foghlú, talk tomorrow, Wednesday, at 12:20 locale time.  Sessions are being video recorded, so expect to see it soon.  I'll be twisting Mícheál's arm for a follow-up posting about what Red Hat is doing with Node and the Linux Foundation.


Last updated: September 19, 2023