Red_Hat_RGB_300pxRed Hat is hosting a virtual event,Building data-driven solutions for the Internet of Things,” at 11 a.m. EDT (New York City time) on Thursday, April 23, 2015. As people, devices, and machines increasingly connect to form broader and broader networks of “things,” all sending and receiving data to one another, being able to understand and leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) within the enterprise becomes an important task.

This Red Hat virtual event covers various aspects of building solutions for the IoT from security considerations and approaches to handling the massive volumes and variety of generated data sets to strategies for messaging and data transformation. For those that are just starting to think about what developing for the IoT looks like, there will be sessions on the Red Hat reference architecture for the IoT and real-world use cases.

Here’s the abstract for Burr Sutter’s session that I would particularly recommend for those standing at the threshold of the world of connected devices:

A developer's journey in the IoT

The current hype around the Internet of Things (IoT) has led to a substantial amount of innovation thanks to open source software, open hardware, open standards, and community inspiration. In this session, we will explore how you can use open source software to incorporate the physical world (the “Things”) into your traditional enterprise IT infrastructure. We will walk the path from a typical enterprise developer’s current focus on web desktop applications to mobile and devices, specifically developer prototyping platforms like Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Spark Core, and several others. Learn how to connect the physical world to your enterprise backbone via sensors and actuators.

I’ll be holding two sessions myself—one on our IoT reference architecture and one with Mark Little (Red Hat engineering VP) on the Intelligent Gateway that we see as the lynchpin to handling scalability and data flow in an IoT solution.

In addition to featuring Red Hat experts who have been exploring IoT technology, the virtual event includes perspectives from our partners, Symantec and Splunk. The event also has a virtual exhibit hall where you can continue conversations with Symantec and Splunk and share the expertise of Eurotech and Avnet, two other members of the Red Hat ecosystem that are focused on the IoT.

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