Philip Hayes

Runtimes Practice Lead

Philip is Runtimes Practice Lead, specializing in cloud native development on OpenShift


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How to migrate your Java applications to Red Hat OpenShift

Follow these steps to migrate Red Hat JBoss EAP applications to OpenShift using the Source-to-Image builder and migration toolkit for applications.


Why you should migrate your Java workloads to OpenShift

Explore the benefits of moving your Java applications to OpenShift. Learn what the migration process entails and how tools like Konveyor make it easy.


Biometric authentication with WebAuthn and SSO

Configure Red Hat's single sign-on technology 7.5 to supplement password protection with biometric data using the Web Authentication API (WebAuthn).


Building Container-Native Node.js Applications with Red Hat OpenShift Application Runtimes and Istio

Building container-based solutions can be a challenging task that adds a lot of overhead for application developers, but using a combination of Red Hat OpenShift Application Runtimes and Istio will take care of many considerations, leaving application developers to focus on implementing the business logic.