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Improve multicore scaling in Open vSwitch DPDK

Learn about Open vSwitch 2.16's new group assignment type and how you can use it to improve OVS-DPDK scaling performance with the auto load balancer.


Automatic load balancing for PMD threads in Open vSwitch with DPDK

Learn how to configure the auto load balancing feature for PMD threads in Open vSwitch with DPDK, including new features added in Open vSwitch 2.15.


Debugging Memory Issues with Open vSwitch DPDK

How to debug and avoid out-of-memory issues with Open vSwitch with the Data Plane Development Kit (OvS-DPDK). It explains the situations in which you can run out of memory and shows the relevant log entries, and it also provides tips for further debugging.


Open vSwitch-DPDK: How Much Hugepage Memory?

This article covers how to calculate how much huge page memory is needed with Open vSwitch-DPDK? In order to maximize performance of the Open vSwitch DPDK datapath, it pre-allocates hugepage memory. As a user you are need to say how much.