Hans-Peter Grahsl

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Hans-Peter Grahsl

Hans-Peter Grahsl is a Developer Advocate at Red Hat. He is an open-source community enthusiast and in particular passionate about event-driven architectures, distributed stream processing systems and data engineering. For his code contributions, conference talks and blog post writing at the intersection of the Apache Kafka and MongoDB communities, Hans-Peter received the Confluent Community Catalyst award 3 times in a row and became one of the founding members of the MongoDB Champions Program. He is a regular speaker at international tech-related and developer conferences for several years.

Hans-Peter Grahsl's contributions

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End-to-end field-level encryption for Apache Kafka Connect

Hans-Peter Grahsl Hans-Peter Grahsl

This article introduces end-to-end encryption for data integration scenarios built on top of Apache Kafka using Kafka Connect together with the open-source library Kryptonite for Kafka.