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As Red Hat OpenShift continues to evolve and improve, our efforts to promote developer success ramp up as well. The OpenShift developer dashboard provides sample applications that are just a few clicks away from deployment. These samples are spread across a wide range of software development interests and stacks, so you'll probably find one of interest to you.

For OpenShift 4.8, four new samples have been added, while four others have been updated. A total of 14 samples are at hand for the new or curious developer. We'll review all the samples in this article.

Updated samples

We've made sure to keep up with version changes in languages and frameworks. We are also increasingly moving from the Red Hat Enterprise Linux container base image to Red Hat Universal Base Images (UBI).


The .NET sample application is updated to run on .NET 5 and uses UBI 8 as the base image. The previous sample was .NET Core 3.1 running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 as the base image. Both solutions use the Source-to-Image (S2I) feature of OpenShift and both result in a Linux image running in a Linux container.


The only change here is a switch from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 to UBI 8 as the base image. Both samples use Node.js version 14.


This sample contains a minor update from Python 3.8 and UBI 7 to Python 3.9 and UBI 8.


Both the previous sample and the new sample use UBI 7. Ruby has been updated from version 2.7 to version 3.0.

New samples

Many of these samples seek to provide even simpler experiences for new developers.

Basic Node.js

This very elementary Node.js application uses Express version 4.17.x. This sample does not use any Red Hat operating system container image as a base image.

Basic Python

This very elementary Python "hello world" application does not use any Red Hat operating system container image as a base image.

Basic Quarkus "hello world" Java application

This is an excellent example to get started using Quarkus to build container images for OpenShift.

"Hello world" Java Spring Boot application using Maven

This elementary "hello world" application for Spring Boot does not use any Red Hat operating system container image as a base image.

Unchanged samples

We continue to offer the following samples, which remain the same as they were in the previous version of OpenShift:

Want to try a sample? Or all of them?

Within minutes you can have a free OpenShift cluster at your command to try any or all of these samples. Simply hop over to the Developer Sandbox for Red Hat OpenShift and get your free account. While there, be sure to check out the ever-growing list of sandbox activities.

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Last updated: September 20, 2023