Red Hat Developer Program
October 17, 2016

Putting The 'M' In MBaaS (Jay Balunas)

When you hear the term "MBaaS," or "Red Hat Mobile," there is usually a lot of discussion about powerful scaling, back-end integrations, hosting options, containerization, etc. However, we can't forget what that "M" stands for, and why the platforms exist in the first place, which is to develop and deliver top-notch mobile applications to your users. In this session, we'll review what makes all of this possible—client SDKs, hybrid solutions like Cordova, and Xamarin, and our own Build Farm and Unified Push server. Not stopping there, our AppForms support makes it a snap to tie in back-end systems all the way to your app. And this is all backed by various templates, guides, and new open source resources that will help you get started and join the fun.