Red Hat Developer Program
November 12, 2015

JRuby 9000 by Charles Nutter

Ruby has come a long way since JRuby first ran Rails in 2006. Frameworks like Rails have grown up with the modern web, now supporting web sockets, microservices, and integration with Javascript client libraries like Ember. Concurrency utilities modeled after the JDK are helping Ruby scale horizontally. Applications can be built with Rake - or with JRuby plugins for Gradle and Maven. Maven poms can be written in a beautiful Ruby DSL. Swing, JavaFX, and other graphics libraries become easy and fun with JRuby. Sass and Asciidoctor are already being used in Java apps thanks to JRuby. And you can bundle up the whole thing in an executable jar or war file; your devops will never know it's Ruby. Come see what JRuby 9000 can do for you in 2015.