Red Hat Developer Program

JavaOne 2012: Native Mobile Development with AeroGear, and Apache Cordova

There are some amazing mobile web applications out there, but what if your app needs to be in one of the appstores, or access the devices camera, or calendar? I guess your going to need to make a jump to full native development, and all the bagage that brings with it. Or do you? This is where AeroGear, and hybrid application frameworks like Apache Cordova (formally PhoneGap) come in and really save the day! With Cordova you can leverage your existing web based skills, embracing all the latest JavaScript and HTML5 functionality, and turn it into a functional and beautiful native application. We're going to take a quick tour of the AeroGear project and Cordova, creating a hybrid application based on some of our quickstarts. We'll be using JBoss Tools as we talk about accessing native features, considerations for cross device projects, and how to access external services. Presenter: Jay Balunas Bio: Jay Balunas, principal software engineer at Red Hat, works as a Red Hat JBoss Middleware core developer and heads up their mobile development efforts as the AeroGear project lead. He is passionate about standards and is one of Red Hat's W3C representatives, and have been active in the Java Community Process (JCP) as a JavaServer Faces expert group member. He was previously the RichFaces project lead, and has been involved with many other open source projects including jQuery, Forge, Seam, and Weld. Jay has been architecting and developing enterprise applications and projects for over fourteen years, specializing in mobile device integration, web tier frameworks, UI design, and integration.