Red Hat Developer Program

JavaOne 2012: JPA vs NoSQL: face the conflict with Hibernate OGM

Hibernate OGM explores how to map the Java Persistence APIs with various underlying NoSQL stores. While NoSQL datastores offer interesting benefits in the BigData world we enter, choosing the right one for your project can be challenging. Abstracting behind JPA relieves you from the programming API/model shift. But is it possible? In this presentation, we will give an brief overview of the NoSQL landscape, describe how Hibernate OGM persists data in key/value stores, document stores, column family stores, etc. and see where using such an abstraction makes sense in applications. After this presentation, you will have a clearer view on how to integrate NoSQL datastores in your Java projects at least via JPA. Presenter: Emmanuel Bernard Bio: Emmanuel Bernard is data platform architect at Red Hat JBoss Middleware and member of the Hibernate team. After graduating from Supelec (French "Grande Ecole"), Emmanuel has spent a few years in the retail industry as developer and architect where he started to be involved in the ORM space. He joined the Hibernate team in 2003. Emmanuel has lead the JPA implementation of Hibernate. He has founded and leads Hibernate Search, Hibernate Validator and the newcomer Hibernate OGM. Emmanuel is a member of the JPA 2.1 expert group and the spec lead of Bean Validation. He is a regular speaker at various conferences and JUGs, including JavaOne, JBoss World and Devoxx and the co-author of [Hibernate Search in Action](/books/hsia/) published by Manning. He is also founder and co-host of two podcasts: [JBoss Community Asylum]( and [Les Cast Codeurs Podcast]( You can follow him on twitter at @emmanuelbernard