Red Hat Developer Program

Java 9 Modularity In Action (Paul Bakker & Sander Mak)

Java 9 comes to your doorstep with major changes for all of us, whether we ordered it or not. Modularity is the big theme of the Java 9 release, and it requires rethinking how we structure, build, and run Java applications. This is great, because who doesn't like more reliable and secure applications, meanwhile killing the dreaded classpath? Additionally, Java 9 has several other smaller, but useful, features, including support for HTTP 2 and collection factory methods. In this session, we'll dive deep into the module system and other new features. We'll review the basic concepts of modules and explore modularity patterns to enhance your design and development skills, and see examples of what else to expect in Java 9. We'll give plenty examples in this practical and code-driven presentation. You'll be ready for Java 9 before you know it.