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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Hibernate (Ståle Pedersen)

The fifth major release of Hibernate sports contains many internal changes developed in collaboration between the Hibernate team and the Red Hat middleware performance team. Efficient access to databases is crucial to get scalable and responsive applications. Hibernate 5 received much attention in this area. You’ll benefit from many of these improvements by merely upgrading. But it's important to understand some of these new, performance-boosting features because you will need to explicitly enable them. We'll explain the development background on all of these powerful new features and the investigation process for performance improvements. Our aim is to provide good guidance so you can make the most of it on your own applications. We'll also peek at other performance improvements made on JBoss EAP 7, like on the caching layer, the connection manager, and the web tier. We want to make sure you can all enjoy better-performing applications—that require less power and less servers—without compromising on your developer’s productivity.