Red Hat Developer Program

Fabric8-Ing Continuous Improvement - Kubernetes/Jenkins Pipeline (James Rawlings & James Strachan)

Using Docker for building and packaging small discrete microservices, and Kubernetes to ensure they stay running and gaining OOTB service discovery, significantly reduces the challenges of having a consistent way to build, package, and run applications. Then, there's how to develop, test, promote, release, support, and improve our container-based architectures, taking an idea from inception to repeatable releasing in a live environment. In this session, we'll look at how fabric8, which runs on top of OpenShift 3 by Red Hat and Kubernetes, uses Docker and Jenkins workflow for pipeline orchestration to provide an extensible OOTB CD solution. Fabric8 significantly simplifies the creation of new projects with a one-click setup and the wiring-together of tooling such and version control systems, artifact repositories, and release pipelines. With human approval, automated integration testing, ChatOps, environment + pipeline visualisation, commit traceability, and a developer experience that helps teams deliver value faster, we'll see how the strength of the open source community works together to provide a consistent approach to building and releasing software for new, cloud-based microservices.