Red Hat Developer Program
September 9, 2014

Docker and JBoss - the perfect combination

For this session we have Marek Goldmann who leads Docker related initiatives at Red Hat.  Abstract Docker is a tool for building portable Linux containers around an application. If you are unfamiliar with Docker, or have heard of it but never used it, then you should definitely come to this session because containers are the new virtualization. Docker is a revolution in thinking about software distribution. It makes the process of creating images with the whole application stack (OS + application server + application itself) easy and extremely fast. You can share them easily too, and images behave the same way on different machines. Differences between development and production environments are a thing of the past. But that's not everything - Docker helps you run images too by providing an easy to use interface. Sounds like magic, huh? In this session, right after introduction to Docker, Marek will dive into examples showing how you can leverage this tool to create a deployment environment for your applications. You will see how to cluster JBoss EAP and deploy an application to it. Marek will share some tips and tricks too: for example how to manage logs or customize the configuration of JBoss EAP to be able to deploy your applications. About Marek Marek joined Red Hat in January 2009 and started hacking on Cloud-related JBoss projects. Currently Marek leads the WildFly integration effort with the Fedora operating system, and makes sure that JBoss' projects run well on Docker.