Red Hat Developer Program

Building Cross Platform Applications with Cordova and AeroGear

Mobile devices are increasingly important as a platform. The number of different devices on the market increases every day. This posses a challenge, how do we support all of them. Every new device comes with it's own paradigms and programming language. Wouldn't it be great if we could create one application that could support all platforms. With Cordova and AeroGear you can. Cordova is a platform that allows you to access native device functions from JavaScript enabling you to create mobile applications with just CSS, HTML and JavaScript, for all platforms. You can use your existing skill sets to create native applications. In this talk we'll show how you can create an application with Cordova and even how to create your own plugins. What features the AeroGear Plugins have and how you can use these to build mobile applications rapidly. How to create test and run these on simulators and integrate them into your own build environment.