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2012 Red Hat Summit: Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization overview

In this session from the 2012 Red Hat Summit, Andrew Cathrow, product manager, and Chuck Dubuque, product marketing manager for Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization. They discuss Red Hat virtualization, including Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3, and the past, present, and future of virtualization technology. Dubuque discusses the current environment, including virtualization competitor VMware, and the opportunity that a second source for virtualization--a open standards source--offers. He then offers details about Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, including information about management features, hypervisor technology, specVIRT success, and opportunities for cost savings. Cathow then joins in to talk about development of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3 and 3.1, and the growth of the communities surrounding it, including Fedora and oVirt. Cathow highlights features and changes in Red Hat Enteprise Virtualization, including: - OpenJDK requirement for proprietary Oracle JRE is eliminated. - Support for Jasper 4.7 and two new directory servers - Scalability to 160 Virtual CPUs per VM and 2T virtual RAM per VM - enhanced physical to virtual migration (P2V) - Live snapshots - Shared disks - SDK availability - new top-level manager for managing disks - direct LUN access Cathow details many other system and version features, including a overview of key technologies for future versions of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. He also intermittantly takes questions from the audience. Watch more 2012 Red Hat Summit and JBoss World videos from Red Hat: