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Quarkus + Spring Cheat sheet
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Quarkus + Spring Cheat Sheet

Alex Soto Bueno

While you may be currently using Java EE, MicroProfile, or Quarkus annotations/extensions, Quarkus provides an API compatibility layer for some Spring projects. If you're coming from Spring development, these integrations might help you to make a smoother transition to Quarkus.

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Spring Boot on Quarkus: Magic or madness?

Eric Deandrea

Follow a migration path from Spring Boot to Quarkus. The magic: Perform the migration without changing a single line of code. The madness: How was it done?

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Build a data streaming pipeline using Kafka Streams and Quarkus

Kapil Shukla

Build a Quarkus application that streams and processes data in real-time using Kafka Streams. As we go through the example, you will learn how to apply Kafka concepts such as joins, windows, processors, state stores, punctuators, and interactive queries.

Migrating Spring Boot tests

Migrating Spring Boot tests to Quarkus


Learn how to migrate Spring Boot tests to Quarkus, and how to deal with the Spring Boot test functionalities that don't map to Quarkus.

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Play with Kogito examples

Toshiya Kobayashi

Explore some of the many use examples added to Kogito 0.9.1, such as ruleunit-quarkus-example, dmn-quarkus-example, and process-script-example.

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DevNation Deep Dives

1-hour LIVE events that take a deep dive into the fundamentals of developer technology. Each course comes with live code and commands, and live chat Q&A with verbal responses from the presenters. 


Autowire MicroProfile into Spring with Quarkus

John Clingan

We cover the scope and details of the Spring APIs supported by Quarkus, to provide an understanding of the foundation you can build on with MicroProfile APIs.

Spring Boot self-paced training

Extending support for Spring Boot 2.1.6 and Spring Reactive

James Falkner

Red Hat Application Runtimes recently added extended support for the Spring Boot 2.1.6 runtime for Red Hat customers building Spring apps. Red Hat Application Runtimes provides application developers with a variety of application runtimes running on the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform . Introduction to Spring Boot Spring Boot lets you create opinionated Spring-based standalone applications. The Spring Boot runtime also integrates with the OpenShift platform, allowing your services to externalize their configuration, implement health checks, provide resiliency and failover...