Secure Coding

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How to use Valgrind to track file descriptors

Mark Wielaard

Valgrind can be used to track file descriptors. Learn how to find file descriptors at various stages of your program and where they were originally opened.

Node.js reference architecture

8 elements of securing Node.js applications

Lucas Holmquist

Discover key elements of building security into your software development process such as managing access in part 9 of the Node.js reference architecture series.

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Quality testing the Linux kernel

Jeff Bastian

Most Linux kernel testing happens from userspace and can be done using simple commands for system calls, logging, and more.

secure coding - simple

Subscription benefits for secure deployments

Mikel Sanchez

Follow this step-by-step guide to create secure deployments in Red Hat services using entitlements, certificate authority, configuration files, and BuildConfig.

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Use VS Code to debug .NET applications

Tom Deseyn

Visual Code is an easy way to debug .NET applications in cloud environments like Kubernetes and OpenShift. Learn which plug-ins and configurations you need.

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Extracting information from Python source code

Fridolin Pokorny

A simple tool called invectio, from Project Thoth, uses static source code analysis to display the symbols used or exported by Python source code.

Red Hat Data Grid logo

Red Hat Data Grid

An intelligent, distributed caching solution that boosts application performance, provides greater deployment flexibility, and minimizes the overhead of standing up new applications.

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Debug memory errors with Valgrind and GDB

Alexandra Petlanova Hajkova

Discover little-known Valgrind and GDB commands that can help you resolve memory leaks, buffer overflows, and similar bugs in your C and C++ code.

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Opening black boxes with statement tracing

Frank Eigler

Do you need a quick way to solve bugs in foreign library code? Learn how to use SystemTap for statement tracing and differential analysis in any library.