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Red Hat Insights with Ansible remediation

Nagesh Rathod

Learn how to connect Red Hat Enterprise Linux with Red Hat Insights, scan for vulnerabilities on your server, and remediate the vulnerabilities with Ansible Playbook.

20 minutes | Intermediate
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.NET 8 now available for RHEL and OpenShift

John Clingan + 1

.NET 8 is now generally available, targeting Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.7, 9.1, and Red Hat OpenShift. Here’s what developers need to know about this new major release.

How Rust makes the Rayon data parallelism library magical

How to consume and expose Rust async crates

Gris Ge

Get an overview of asynchronous design in Rust, and learn how to consume and expose Rust async crates with and without the help of an async executor.

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eBPF application development: Beyond the basics

A photo of Donald Hunter smiling Donald Hunter + 1

Explore best practices for eBPF application development on Linux, including languages and toolchains for working across multiple kernels and environments.

Vulnerability analysis of Golang applications and more with Red Hat CodeReady Dependency Analytics v0.3.2

Learning Go: Stale slices explained

Massimiliano Ziccardi Massimiliano Ziccardi

With the Go language, certain operations might result in stale slices. This article breaks down how this can happen and what you need to know to avoid it.

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An MIR-based JIT prototype for Ruby

Vladimir Makarov

Get insights for improving JIT (just-in-time) compiler performance for Ruby based on a GCC engineer's experience developing an MIR-based JIT prototype.