Changes to the production of CentOS Linux are causing many organizations to migrate to an alternate operating system. Find how Red Hat is making it easier for CentOS Linux users to migrate to RHEL with no-cost and low-cost subscriptions, and learn about the simplified process for contributing to RHEL development with CentOS Stream.

Migrate to Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Explore easier ways to access Red Hat Enterprise Linux with our low-/no-cost options.

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Migrate from CentOS Linux to Red Hat Enterprise Linux using Red Hat Insights

Register and analyze your CentOS Linux system with Red Hat Insights and plan your migration to RHEL based on Red Hat Insights recommendations.


Convert2RHEL with Red Hat Insights


Check out a how-to guide for using Convert2RHEL with Red Hat Insights.

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Migrate from CentOS Linux to Red Hat Enterprise Linux using Convert2RHEL utility tool

Use the Convert2RHEL utility tool to plan your migration from CentOS Linux to RHEL.


Convert2RHEL utility tool


Try a hands-on lab to get started with Convert2RHEL.
Download theConvert2RHEL cheat sheet.

Access to no-cost RHEL

To make it easier to migrate, we’ve rolled out several new programs that provide low-cost or no-cost access to Red Hat Enterprise Linux. 

Explore programs designed to help CentOS Linux users move to RHEL.

RHEL for individuals


If you’re an individual and want to use RHEL, join the Red Hat Developer program. It provides the content, tools, technologies, and community you need to help you solve problems, connect with experts, discover what’s next, and lead your project forward. 

You’ll get access to the most relevant resources to grow your skills and boost your productivity, including product bits and activations, how-to videos, demos, getting started guides, documentation, and more. Not for corporate or organizational use. 

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Developer for teams

Development teams

If you’re on a development team and your organization is a Red Hat customer, your team may qualify for a Red Hat Developer Subscription for Teams. This subscription provides access to Red Hat Enterprise Linux for development work at no charge, empowering teams across your organization to build, test, and run on the same platform.

  • The Red Hat Developer for Teams subscription provides access to Red Hat Enterprise Linux entitlements for 25,000 physical or virtual nodes for development. 
  • Get all the benefits of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, including rapid security updates, access to all the RHEL certifications, RHEL management tools including Red Hat Satellite and Red Hat Insights, and access to extended lifecycle offerings. 
  • Tighter coupling between new application development and the transition to production environments streamlines the whole process, saving time, resources, and money.
  • For customers who wish to purchase developer support, enterprise and professional support add-ons are available. 

Red Hat Developer Subscription for Teams subscriptions are available exclusively through Red Hat sales associates.

Download the datasheet

RHEL for research

Research, academia, and open source infrastructure

If you’re a developer at an academic institution, nonprofit research organization, open source project, or nonprofit organization that supports the production of open source software, you may qualify for a low-cost subscription. Visit the CentOS Linux migration information page for more information. 

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Red Hat partners

If you’re a developer at a Red Hat partner, join Partner Connect for a wide range of benefits, including no-cost access to RHEL.

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Learn more about Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Visit our RHEL product page to discover additional features and benefits.

Simplify the migration process with Convert2RHEL

The Convert2RHEL command-line utility is an officially supported tool that helps automate the process of migrating from CentOS Linux 7 and 8 to Red Hat Enterprise Linux. It enables the conversion of select RHEL derivative distributions into a supportable RHEL system, retaining existing applications and configurations.

Because CentOS Linux is a rebuild of RHEL, users can continue to use familiar Linux features and operational processes with minimal retraining. Qualifying subscriptions are also deployable in the cloud via the Red Hat Cloud Access program.

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