Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform

An application platform for hosting your apps that provides an innovative modular, cloud-ready architecture, powerful management and automation, and world class developer productivity.


Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) is a Jakarta Enterprise Edition (EE) 8 application server. It works within its own integrated development environment (Red Hat CodeReady Studio, based on Apache Eclipse projects) and other open source deployment tools. Developers can create and run very complex Java applications that take advantage of the full Java EE software stack.

EAP is based on the open source application server project Wildfly. It in turn uses Enterprise JavaBeans APIs and containers to manage its transactions and business logic. Applications can be deployed on a variety of server situations, including physical, virtual, private and public clouds. EAP requires Red Hat CodeReady Studio as a prerequisite.


Full Java EE 8 stack collection supporting the latest specifications and enhancements

Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) includes the following tools to help developers create complex applications:

  • JMS messaging provider
  • Web Services engine
  • Scripted administration interface
  • Data grid solution
  • Transaction management service

Not just a servlet

If you’ve tried developing in Tomcat and have hit limitations, EAP’s full Java EE implementation provides everything you’ll need.

New security API to make securing your apps easier

Java EE 8 adds a security API that provides a standardized, consistent way for your applications to authenticate to servlets and EJB containers, including interaction with identity providers.

Out-of-the-box integration with configuration management tools

EAP works with a variety of configuration management tools, including Ansible and Puppet, so you don’t have to manually create your own XML configuration files.

A complete web services stack

EAP helps you build modern web services, supports the use of microservices/containers, HTML5 mobile apps, and can be deployed in a variety of cloud configurations.

Full support for modern web-based application development frameworks

Including many Spring variants, Arquillian, Angular JS, jQuery and the Google Web Toolkit.

Red Hat Enterprise Application Platform ties together several open source community projects

Hibernate ORM, a relational database persistence project

IronJacamar, the project for Java Connector architecture

JBoss Clustering, web and web services projects, extending the application server

JBoss Microcontainer, the project supporting standalone JMX microkernels

JGroups, the project for group communication

Narayana, the transaction manager project

Open Services Gateway Initiative (OSGI), the project for modular dynamic code libraries

PicketLink, the project for identity management for Java apps

RESTEasy, the project for building RESTful services for Java apps

Weld, the project for creating contexts and dependency Injection for Java EE

Wildfly, a flexible, lightweight, managed application runtime built on Java EE 8

Wise, the project for no code web services implementations

XNIO, the project for low-level IO and an alternative to NIO

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Java / Jakarta EE specification


Community project



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