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Putting OpenShift under pressure – a case study

Putting OpenShift under pressure – a case study

About a year ago, Red Hat Product Security decided to move its blog, the Red Hat Security Blog, off of’s infrastructure and onto Red Hat’s OpenShift.  There were some initial growing pains since this was a relatively new thing to do, but it wasn’t long before the blog was in a stable environment.  There were plans to put the application on a larger gear (it was hosted on a small gear) and to make it scalable (it wasn’t), but as most things go, when stability increases you end up forgetting about making the changes as other issues need to be addressed that aren’t related to your application’s backend.  And for that year WordPress, on a small gear, on OpenShift just worked.

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The Security Benefits of RPM Packaging

RPM Package Manager (RPM) was created to deliver software to workstations and servers. Besides being an efficient software delivery mechanism, RPM also provides security features that assist system administrators with managing their software and trusting the code that is going into their infrastructure.

What is an RPM?

RPM is a package management system that bundles software source code or binaries together for easy installation on a computer. These files are tracked and allow for easy installation, upgrading, and removal. Since the RPMs have been built specifically for the operating system and platform they are installed on, the software is expected to operate in a predictable and consistent manner.

RPMs not only make it easy for the user to install software on their computer but also for the developer to deliver the software. RPMs makes it easy to pull in dependencies, other bits of code needed by the software to function properly, and to provide updates to the software in question. The ability to apply patches for security fixes makes RPMs an especially good tool for maintaining secure computer environments as code fixes can easily be verified by system administrators prior to installation.

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