Sergey Iryupin

Programming has been my passion since 1986. My first computer was a programmable calculator “Электроника B3-34”. I started to learn Algol, then Focal at the house computer “БК-0010”. In 1987 I entered Riga Institute of Civil Aviation (Riga Aviation University) and graduated from in 1992. Major: computer complexes, systems and networks. During training I tried to “try out” all the computers, which I could fined at the institute: System / 360, the PDP-11, by Wang in 2200, IBM PC. I learned programming languages: PL/1, Fortran, C/C++, Pascal/Turbo Pascal, several dialects of BASIC, Assembler i8080 and DEC. I started earning money by programming. My graduation project: training simulators of logic chips operation and CPUs DEC and i8080. After graduation I returned to Rostov-on-Don, worked on positions from the programmer to the head of the IT department. More mastered Pascal/Turbo Pascal/Delphi. I also taught at a college. At the end of the 90s I opened the Internet for myself. I learned website design, HTML/CSS/JS, PHP, then PHP 5.x. I set up a small web-studio. From 2002 I started working in the support and development of ERP system 1C:Enterprise ( I mastered the development of a platform version 7.7 and then 8.2. In 2005 I became interested in Free Software. I started using Linux, first as a user and later as an administrator and programmer. In 2007 I became interested in Java. I mastered the basics of the development on the Java ME/SE. I made a project “jBible” in Java for mobile phones. In 2010 I took part in a state project “Free Software for Schools” (by ALTLinux Co). In this regard, for more than a year I was a maintainer of BASIC256 package in repository ALTLinux. I deepened my knowledge in C/C++, Git, and Linux. Now I'm working as a lead developer for the holding company “Azov-Don Shipping Company”. Resently I have been actively improving my skills in C/C++/C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP, learn Python and modern web-technologies.

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Preparing CentOS 6.8 for Work

Preparing CentOS 6.8 for Work

I came across Linux in 2005, it was Debian. Then followed a love affair with Ubuntu, for which in March 2009 I purchased a netbook Asus EeePC 1000. In 2010, I began to contribute to ALT Linux participating in the “School Project” and even became a basic256 package maintainer.

The last few years my EeePC with Ubuntu peacefully rested deep in my cupboard. Then there was a chance to clean off the dust. There was a task to get acquainted with CentOS Linux and test examples for my webinar “Apache Ant – quick start”.

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