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Hello Everyone,This is Rahul Kumar. I am a passionate coder Java Developer and worked for different Scalable Enterprise solutions in different companies like Ericsson, Thomson Reuters.I always like to learn recent IT trends going around world. Most of time I like to work as a Full Stack developer. As of now My Technology Stack includes Core Java, J2EE(Servlet & JSP), REST WebServices ,Spring Core,Spring DAO, Spring Boot,Spring Cloud,Hibernate(An JPA Implementation) ,Microservices, Dockers, Maven(as a preferred build tool) etc. My Recent Learning & Research Area Includes Artificial Intelligence ,Machine Learning, Internet of Things(IOT) etc.

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How to use JShell: An Command Line tool introduced in JDK 9

Many of you might be aware that Oracle released JDK 9 officially on 21st September, 2017. After JDK 5 and JDK 8, JDK 9 is supposed to be the most effective release from application development perspective. JDK 9 has introduced a lot of new functionality, language level features and API enhancements for developers. This article is about one of command line tool named JShell introduced in JDK 9. Lets learn about it in short.

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Handling Exception Scenarios in REST API developed using JAX-RS

Prerequisite: Hands on Knowledge of REST API Development using JAX-RS.

REST Services has been an integral part of complex enterprise applications for several years. Developers generally prefer two APIs listed below for building REST API in their enterprise applications.

  1. JAX-RS – Part of JEE Specification with different implementations like RestEasy, Jersey, Restlet etc.
  2. Spring Boot  An OpenSource Spring Community Project best suited for Microservices-based applications.

In this Article, we will learn how to handle Exceptions gracefully in Rest APIs which are built using JAX-RS.

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Know how RESTful your API is: An Overview of the Richardson Maturity Model

Most of the time, I see developers are bit confused about the term REST. For some enterprise application developers, the meaning of REST is JSON i.e. if they are using JSON in their application, which means they working on REST API, which is not true to some extent. Let’s take a look what exactly a REST API is.

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