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Kompose Up for OpenShift and Kubernetes

Kompose Up for OpenShift and Kubernetes


Kompose is a tool to convert from higher level abstractions of application definitions into more detailed Kubernetes artifacts. These artifacts can then be used to bring up the application in a Kubernetes cluster. What higher level application abstraction should kompose use?

One of the most popular application definition formats for developers is the docker-compose.yml format for use with docker-compose that communicates with the docker daemon to bring up the application. Since this format has gained some traction we decided to make it the initial focus of Kompose to support converting this format to Kubernetes. So, where you would choose docker-compose to bring up the application in docker, you can use kompose to bring up the same application in Kubernetes, if that is your preferred platform.

How Did We Get Here?

At Red Hat, we had initially started on a project similar to Kompose, called Henge. We soon found Kompose and realized we had a lot of overlap in our goals so we decided to jump on board with the folks at Skippbox and Google who were already working on it.

TL;DR We have been working hard with the Kompose and Kubernetes communities. Kompose is now a part of the Kuberetes Incubator and we also have added support in Kompose for getting up and running into your target environment in one command:

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