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An ultra-lightweight high-precision logger for OpenJDK

I had an interesting question from one of our developers here at Red Hat:

“When I was investigating a performance issue in our project after switched to oracle’s jdk7u40, I found a performance regression in class This method takes more cpu time than with jdk7u25.”

And it does, much more time. In fact, when fixedLengthStreamingMode is enabled HttpURLConnection.getOutputStream() takes ten times as long: about 1.2 milliseconds versus 47 microseconds.

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OpenJDK on AArch64: We have a release

We at the AArch64 Port Project are pleased to announce the first release of OpenJDK on the Linux/AArch64 platform.  It is the first implementation of the Java platform to be made available for this processor architecture.

For those who haven’t heard: AArch64 is the latest architecture from ARM.  It is an entirely new instruction set, not compatible with the earlier generation of 32-bit ARM processors, so we need a new OpenJDK port for it.

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