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Red Hat is heading to NodeConf Remote 2020 with IBM to demonstrate a few of our favorite production-quality tools and solutions, all designed to help developers maintain their productivity while successfully navigating the vast and rapidly-changing cloud-native landscape.

Attend our conference talks and workshops, or talk with an expert during the virtual booth crawl and get a look at our latest workflows for building cloud-native JavaScript solutions on Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift. Our open source experts can show you how to integrate JavaScript and Node.js with other technologies like authentication, distributed data caching and streaming, or business automation.


We're offering three talks at NodeConf Remote on topics such as event-driven data in serverless environments, the Node.js ecosystem, and lessons from real-world Node.js deployments. Here is more information on each.

Serverless with a chance of cloud events

By: Luke Holmquist (@sienaluke), Sr. Software Engineer, Red Hat

In this new world of serverless functions, events and their data are the driving factors in triggering these functions. However, event-driven data can come from anywhere and the problem is that most platforms have their own format for how the data is structured.

The lack of a common way to describe events means that as developers, we constantly have to re-learn how to consume these events. But all hope is not lost. This is where CloudEvents can help.

CloudEvents is a specification from the CNCF for describing event data in a common way to help with cross-service and cross-platform communication. In this talk, we show how to use the CloudEvents Javascript SDK to receive and send properly formatted events.

Chronicles of the Node.js ecosystem

By: Bethany Griggs, Sr. Software Engineer, Red Hat

The sheer vastness of the Node.js module ecosystem poses challenges for consumers, authors, and maintainers. How do consumers know which of the one million modules to rely on for their production deployments? How do module authors handle their hobby projects evolving into a widespread, critical dependency? What happens to abandoned modules? How can a module author test the impact of their changes on dependent applications? Bethany will highlight these problems, and also showcase the work that the Node.js Package Maintenance team is doing to try and help solve these problems.

Real-world Node.js success stories

By: Michael Dawson, Node.js lead for Red Hat and IBM

We all know and love to develop with Node.js, but how and where is it delivering real value in the business world? How can we share what we've learned from these deployments? Join Michael to hear about real-world success stories where Node.js is being used at both large and small scale to deliver value and get the job done; what we're doing to capture and share some of the lessons learned.


We're also offering a couple of workshops, one on using Node-RED to build AI-infused web applications, and the other digging into building and deploying Node.js applications on Kubernetes.

Building cloud-native AI-infused web applications with Node-RED

By: Nick O’Leary, Node-RED Project Lead and John Walicki, IBM Developer Advocate
Wednesday, 4 November, 12:00-13:30 (Dublin Time, GMT+1)

In this workshop, participants will learn how to use Node-RED and TensorFlow to create a photo booth web application infused with AI. The workshop walks through getting started with Node-RED, creating the web application, and then containerizing it so that it is ready to be deployed into the cloud or onto edge devices.

Kubernetes for JS developers

By: Joel Lord (@joel__lord), OpenShift Developer Advocate, Red Hat
Thursday, 5 November, 14:00 - 15:30 (Dublin Time, GMT+1)

Learn to build and deploy cloud-native Node.js applications on Kubernetes through a series of hands-on lab examples. By the end of this workshop, you’ll be deploying, scaling, and automating JS-based distributed solutions using containers, Kubernetes, and other popular open source tools for distributed computing.

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Red Hat is a proud sponsor of NodeConf Remote 2020. We hope to see you there virtually!

Last updated: February 5, 2024