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The Eclipse IoT Working Group has launched the annual IoT Developer Survey. This survey is in its sixth edition and is the largest developer survey in the Internet-of-Things (IoT) open source industry. The deadline to submit your responses is June 26, 2020.

About the IoT Developer Survey

This year's IoT Developer Survey will provide valuable insights into current trends in the IoT-industry landscape and the requirements and challenges that IoT communities are facing. The survey will also highlight how these trends are shaping and impacting businesses and enterprise strategies for software vendors, hardware manufacturers, service providers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), enterprises of all sizes, and individual developers.

Edge computing in IoT

For the first time, there are going to be questions about edge computing into the IoT Developer Survey. These questions will help provide a detailed framework for developers implementing edge computing technologies into their IoT solutions. As a developer, your responses to questions about architecture, security, connectivity, deployment technologies, development tools, and more will shape the roadmap of the Eclipse IoT Working Group and the Eclipse Edge Native Working Group. Both teams focus on developer requirements and priorities for cloud-to-edge IoT development.

What we've learned so far

The 2019 IoT Developer Survey surveyed developers to gain on-the-ground understanding and insights into how IoT solutions are being built, as well as identifying developers' top choices for architectures, technologies, and tools in the IoT open source ecosystem. That edition highlighted that IoT development is expanding at a rapid pace, fueled by the growth of investments in predominantly industrial markets. Developers' top technology choices revealed that they were focused on areas like IoT platforms, home automation, and industrial automation.

Help shape the IoT open source ecosystem

Have your say and contribute to shaping the IoT open source ecosystem! If you are a developer in the IoT open source ecosystem, we encourage you to add your voice to the IoT Developer Survey. Your contributions will help the industry gain the broadest possible view of the state of IoT technologies in the context of commercial IoT. Completing the survey takes less than 10 minutes.

Note: The IoT Developer Survey survey is completely anonymous. The data collected is used solely for the purpose of this survey, and we will not share it with third parties. We will use the requested email address only to share survey results and analysis with you.

Last updated: June 25, 2020