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Introduction to machine learning with Jupyter notebooks

Get a practical introduction to machine learning by building a machine learning model in a Jupyter notebook, including an overview of Jupyter notebook concepts and workflow.


Developing at the edge: Best practices for edge computing

As edge computing's importance increases, let's look at the best practices application developers should consider when developing for the edge.


IoT Developer Survey takes a turn to edge computing: Deadline June 26 2020

Open source IoT developers, take the 2020 Eclipse IoT Working Group's IoT Developer Survey and help shape open source IoT at the edge.


IoT Developer Survey - Deadline March 5, 2018

IoT Developer Survey Deadline is March 5, 2018. Seeking input from Internet of Things (#IoT) developers to better understand their needs for software and related tools. We want to know how you’re using open source technology to build your IoT solution.


Using Agile Integration for IoT

Using agile integration for IoT initiatives enables standards-based solutions that can be quickly built and deployed at scale